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Looking for beautifully modern, sustainably built and energy efficient new homes in the UK? Sustainable New Homes share the latest new builds in your area including first-look plot releases and developer incentives.

Our aim is to promote new build developments which offer exceptional character, and focus on delivering new homes across the UK which are both sustainable or sustainably built, energy efficient and include nature friendly features.

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SNH Episode 4 - Megan Hamlyn & Emma Toovey

S1 E4 Biodiversity Net Gain & Climate Change Ecology

Join Megan and Emma as we explore the term ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’, including ways to create areas where nature and people can exist in balance and harmony. We challenge developers to do more when building new developments across the UK, and with the help of Emma’s diverse ecology background, we discover unique tips to bring back nature in our back gardens.

Sustainable New Homes Podcast

S1 EP3 Organising & Upcycling

Join Rebecca, Sue and Courtney as they explore ways to organise and declutter your home to suit your lifestyle. In this exciting episode, they also discuss sustainable ways to make new uses for old furniture, or move it on to someone who may need it.

Sustainable New Homes

S1 EP2 Renewable Energy

John Southern from UPOWA joins sustainable marketing advocate Megan Hamlyn to discuss all things renewable energy. Find ways to reduce energy with technology, and the future of building sustainable communities.

S01 EP1 Sustainable Show Home

We take a look inside the Sustainable Show Home by Barratt Homes at Quarter Jack Park, Wimborne. Discover tips on up-cycling and ways to create beautiful interiors using furniture you already have.


Sustainable New Homes Street Scene

Finding a sustainable new home

Read our tips on finding your dream sustainable new home in the UK, including energy efficient features, nature friendly spaces and sustainable travel options.

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Listen and find more sustainable ways to live.

Our aim is to encourage sustainable living in your new build home. Listen to our podcasts to find tips and expert advice on living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


We aim to help you to find your dream sustainable new build home.